U.S. House Voted to Do Away with Hyde

The bipartisan and widely supported 45-year old Hyde Amendment, which prevents our federal tax dollars from funding elective abortions, is in peril.

Rep. Sharice Davids has joined Speaker Pelosi and voted to do away with the Hyde Amendment. President Biden says he’s throwing his support behind using federal tax dollars to pay for abortion by eliminating Hyde.

Do we, as Kansans, agree with this plan? NO.

In the last year, polls have repeatedly shown the majority of Americans, regardless of political party, do not want public funds to pay for abortion. We must speak up, because Kansas’ elected representatives should work for us, not the abortion industry.

The Hyde Amendment is widely recognized as having a significant impact on the number of abortions in the United States, saving an estimated two million American lives!

We believe that the Hyde Amendment has proven itself to be the greatest domestic abortion-reduction measure ever enacted by Congress. It is at risk of being eliminated if Congress does not renew it. Hyde is as vital to protecting the use of our federal tax dollars as the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment is for state tax dollars and all existing Kansas abortion regulations.

We ask you to help us amplify this message for Congress to keep these life-saving provisions in the law and say NO to taxpayer funding of abortion!

Sign the petition to support Hyde.