We offer valuable pro-life learning materials.

Our pro-life lesson plans, complete with resources and bibliographies, are designed to help children learn early that we’re made in God’s image and our lives are valuable! They’re designed to be used by Christian schools, private schools, home schools and Sunday School classes.

We offer a dozen age-appropriate lessons for each grade with 30-45 minutes of fun activities, discussion topics, a Bible verse and prayer. Younger grades cover topics such as creation and fetal development, while higher grades look at abortion, chastity, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research.

Lesson plans may be used as a series (teach all 12 lessons), or you may choose one or two individual lessons. For your convenience, they are intended to stand alone.

You will notice there are some materials we recommend you use to accompany the lessons, such as pro-life posters, fetal models, books, pro-life DVDs and brochures. Each grade you download includes a Class Materials Order Form so you can easily place your order with us. Many of these items can be borrowed for free; please call the KFL State Office at 800.928.5433.