The Whole Truth

Biased Media Attacks Heroic Doctor Legislator Who Fights for Smallest Survivors 

(September 15, 2023) A shocking hit piece ran this week in a “news publication,” the so-called Kansas Reflector. The article took swipes at one of this legislative session’s pro-life heroes, a first-term state representative with extensive experience as a medical doctor, former director for primary care at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine, and member of the Texas Medical Board, Rep. Dr. Ron Bryce.  

By any legitimate measure, Rep. Dr. Bryce is undeniably a “medical expert.” He is also an eye-witness to a newborn who initially survived an abortion attempt, whom he discovered after being called to an operating room for a “Code Blue” rescue. Yet the article omits both pieces of information. It is only the most recent example of certain Kansas media seemingly ignoring facts to advance what appears to be a thinly veiled alliance with the abortion industry. 

The profit-driven abortion industry in Kansas has a long history of misleading and outright lying to pregnant women about the development of their preborn babies, often refusing to let them see the ultrasound image of their child or hear their child’s heartbeat. Women are led to believe their child is only a “blob of tissue” or a “clump of cells.”  

The media has been silent on how women have been harmed by these deceitful practices and abortionists have feared no reprisals, boldly suing in court to take away the rights of pregnant women to have that information in the first place.  

Rather than exposing evasive tactics and misinformation used by the abortion industry to sell its “services,” the media seem focused on parroting abortion apologists’ complaints about a new Kansas law that protects children born alive after a failed abortion. It is unbelievable the amount of angst coming from abortion industry allies about a law passed to address something which they claim never actually happens. 

Yet not even one opponent showed up to publicly testify against the legislation. Why? And if abortion survivors do not exist, why does the abortion industry call them “the dreaded complication?”  

The truth is that babies are sometimes born alive after an abortion attempt, and the people of Kansas believe those infants deserve to be treated as a second patient, regardless of the circumstances of their birth. The new law also requires reporting to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment when such incidents occur, what medical action was taken, and the outcome.  

Kansas Rep. Dr. Ron Bryce gave powerful, first-hand, eyewitness testimony to the existence of these babies. Sarah Zagorski, an abortion survivor from Louisiana, presented herself as living proof. Another survivor, the founder of the Abortion Survivor’s Network, Melissa Ohden, also submitted testimony of the need for Born Alive protections. Her organization has connected a network of more than 600 abortion survivors, showing extensive evidence they DO exist.    

Directly contradicting what most of the media is saying, this does indeed happen. This leaves one to wonder, why can’t they face the truth of the matter?

“Fact Checking” the KC Star/Wichita Eagle’s “Fact Check” on Kansas Abortion Law

(May 14, 2022) The Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle published a recent article that claimed to “Fact Check” the status of certain abortion industry limits in Kansas. To no one’s surprise, the article reads more like an opinion editorial than news reporting.  

In this article, the KC Star/Eagle appears to use a tactic called “defining the terms of debate.” This means the article attempted to define words to give advantage to the abortion industry’s position that abortion should be unlimited and unrestricted.  

So, once again, the pro-life movement must push back with our own “Fact Check” of the media, as we have so many times before. We will not allow abortion industry spin and subversion of inconvenient facts to win this all-important battle. 

And what is the plain and simple truth? Without the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, Kansas will continue to be a destination for painful late-term abortions without abortion clinic-specific safety standards – no matter how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on states’ rights to regulate abortion. 

Fact #1: Kansas IS a Destination for Painful Late-Term Abortions. 

Since the liberal Kansas Supreme Court created a nearly unlimited right to abortion in our Kansas Constitution, the number of out-of-state residents traveling to Kansas for abortions has risen by 16%. Shockingly, live dismemberment abortions (D & E abortions) have increased by 17%. These facts come directly from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment “Abortions in Kansas, 2021” report. 

Live dismemberment abortions are performed starting at the 14th week of pregnancy and can extend into the 3rd trimester. While the article tries to say that these sorts of abortions are not that common, the KDHE data says otherwise. Sadly, nine dismemberment abortions are performed on preborn babies and their mothers each week in Kansas, totaling 478 last year. 

Yet, the Star/Eagle ignored their own reporting that stated Kansas is seeing “later abortions” because residents of Texas and Oklahoma are coming to Kansas. 

This is happening while Kansans cling to a law still technically on the books that, for the moment, is stopping the very latest abortions from happening. Now imagine if the abortion industry is successful in its ultimate goal of striking down every law limiting abortion in Kansas.  

While some media pundits claim this is an exaggeration, we point to the abortion industry’s own words on this topic. Moments after the extreme 2019 Kansas Supreme Court ruling, an abortion industry attorney told the New York Times that “nearly all of the abortion restrictions in the state, they could be challenged and struck down, with this ruling.” 

Painful Late-Term Abortions: 

Scientific research continues to build showing preborn children can feel pain at 15 weeks of development. In fact, both pro-life and pro-choice researchers and medical ethicists agree pain may begin even earlier, citing 12 weeks as the probable onset. Yet the media appears unwilling to concede that abortions of preborn babies at 15 weeks are indeed late-term. 

Doctors define “late pregnancy loss” as the loss of a baby between 14 and 24 weeks due to miscarriage, stillbirth, and other tragic situations. If this is the case, then abortion performed at 15 weeks, when research shows the preborn child can also feel pain, is a late-term abortion.  

But the Star/Eagle ignores these inconvenient facts, and instead chooses to insist on a different definition of late-term abortion by citing the opinion of the Kaiser Family Foundation, an abortion industry ally. Kaiser says late-term abortions begin at the 37th week of the child’s development. By their measure, we shouldn’t consider abortions late-term until the child is fully ready to be born.  

This extreme view also goes against public opinion. A May 2022 poll released by Fox News (jointly conducted by Republican and Democrat pollsters) found that 54% of Americans believe abortions after 15 weeks are too late. 

Fact #2: Kansas Lacks Abortion Clinic-Specific Licensing and Safety Standards: 

Another result of the Kansas Supreme Court creating a nearly unlimited right to abortion is the recent striking of a law that required abortion clinic-specific licensure and safety standards. 

Opposed by the abortion industry from day one, the bill required that the Department of Health and Environment adopt abortion clinic regulations, ensuring abortionists had clinical privileges at a hospital within 30 miles for patient safety, and other reasonable standards.  

The legislation was written after photographic evidence emerged about what a Kansas City, Kansas police detective described as “third world” conditions at a legally-operating abortion clinic. The facility had stained carpeting in the surgical room, “sterilized” surgical instruments in a home-grade dishwasher, and “rushed half-sedated women out of the facility.” When the district attorney was informed of the clinic conditions, he contacted the Board of Healing Arts and was told “no laws were broken” as there were no laws governing the inside of the clinic.  

To this day, no law exists to prevent this from happening again.  

Yet the Star/Eagle article says there is abortion facility oversight through OSHA, KDHE and Board of Healing Arts. This is laughable, as OSHA deals with workplace safety for employees, the Board of Healing Arts is a reactive agency, and the intent of the KDHE’s abortion clinic-specific regulations were never in force because the law was blocked by a court order. Additionally, there are no abortion facility annual inspection reports to be found. We challenge the media to do its job and try to locate inspection reports rather than accept the abortion industry’s claims that it can and will police itself. 

In conclusion, as we move closer to August 2nd, the media will continue to frame the abortion industry in a favorable light and work to undermine those who support the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment. We will continue to back up our statements with facts. After all, the abortion industry is so extreme, there is no need to exaggerate.  

Ivory Tower Activists Working to Remake Kansas in Their Own Image

(April 23, 2022) For years, ivory tower elites have tried to force the abortion industry’s values on Americans, especially in Kansas. We’ve seen many examples of activist college professors using their posts to push for the most extreme views. They’ve done so by positioning themselves as “experts” in the public square, especially through the mainstream media.

Today, we’re seeing this tactic being used by several publicly funded university professors who have formed a writing team. One of their goals appears to be that of spreading lies about the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment. They’re also encouraging false claims about pro-life supporters through state and local newspapers — small and large.

Unfounded claims being pushed by these liberal professors and other activists go unchecked by the media in Kansas.

What is true? In 2019, an activist Kansas Supreme Court ruling radically changed the Kansas Constitution, making it impossible to regulate abortion in even the simplest of ways. In fact, state courts have already struck down multiple abortion limits, one by one, because of this ruling. Now we are seeing rising numbers of out-of-state residents come to Kansas for extreme abortions. VALUE THEM BOTH seeks to restore our constitution to the way it was before that court decision cleared the path for nearly unlimited abortion in Kansas.

Sadly, these college professors spend too much time in their liberal echo chambers to recognize the truth. Unfortunately, their pontification and talking points are being picked up by activists with their own submissions.

One recent op-ed even made this ridiculous claim that pro-lifers don’t care about the safety and welfare of women.

Pro-lifers support both women and the babies they carry. Not only do we want the abortion industry to not have unlimited access to our teenage daughters, but to ensure women are given accurate information about abortion. Why are these educators so afraid of women having information and legal protections?

But here’s the good news. The pro-abortion side is desperate. Their outlandish statements mean they’re scared, and it shows. The more desperation they feel, the crazier they’ll behave. What we’re seeing should energize us.

From the very words of the most pro-abortion newspaper in Kansas,

“this isn’t a drill. The signs have only grown more ominous” They are so afraid of Kansans restoring our constitution with the Value Them Both Amendment.

As we’ve been telling you for the last year, the time is NOW to step forward to do the real work to defend women and babies. It’s not enough to hold pro-life beliefs. This is a moment for action. With a hostile media that almost always opposes the pro-life message, united grassroots outreach is more crucial than ever. Can you help?

If you can walk, come knock on neighborhood doors with us. If you can dial a phone, be a part of the calling team. If you like to write, join our team of letters to the editor writers. You were given talents for a reason, use them now. We will be with you every step of the way to help in each of these. You will never be alone.

Women and babies are depending on us!

“Kansas Speaks” Survey Skews Questions to Favor Pro-Abortion Answers 

(February 26, 2022) This week, a release of the annual “Kansas Speaks” survey,” popped into the news. The opinion poll focuses on “significant issues facing our state and nation,” according to Fort Hays State University’s Docking Institute, which has produced the survey since 2009.  

The latest survey included a section that claims to measure Kansans’ attitudes “about abortion, pertinent to a legislatively referred constitutional amendment that will be before Kansas voters this August,” according to co-author Dr. Brett Zollinger. In other words, state taxpayer-funded researchers are polling on the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment. 

So what’s the problem? Unfortunately, plenty.  

To put it bluntly, “Kansas Speaks” is junk science that misleads the public, and any “news story” that cites it is participating in delusion when it comes to Kansans’ true opinions about the abortion industry and the amendment.  

The most striking error built into the survey is the false description of the amendment in the question itself: 

Question: As you might know, the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that the Kansas constitution allows women a basic right to abortion, and that the legislature still has the right to regulate abortion. In August 2022, Kansas voters will be voting on a proposed constitutional amendment which would overturn that Supreme Court ruling. The amendment would give the Kansas legislature the absolute authority to regulate abortion no matter what the Kansas constitution says, and even to ban abortion under all circumstances in Kansas should federal law on abortion change and if the legislature wants to do so.”  

The first clue about the researchers’ bias against the amendment is their failure to use the actual name of the ballot question, the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment. Any time you see this tactic used in an article or report, know that the writer is showing media bias against the amendment and withholding important details from you, the reader. 

But more importantly, the survey question is both inaccurate and incomplete. It is wrong to say that currently, “the legislature still has the right to regulate abortion,” after the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision. In fact, the court specifically stated that all laws dealing with abortion are “presumed unconstitutional,” and have gone on to strike down subsequent pro-life laws.  The truth is our legislature no longer has the ability to pass laws regulating abortion that will not be immediately struck down by the courts — unless we pass the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment.  

It is also wrong to say, “the amendment would give the Kansas legislature the absolute authority to regulate abortion no matter what the Kansas constitution says.” First, because legislators must answer to the voters they represent, you and me, which means the people of Kansas ARE the authority. Second, because the constitution would now clearly explain, through the amendment language, that limits can now continue to be placed on the abortion industry, as they have for over 20 years. 

Knowing the research question was biased from the beginning, it no surprise that related questions were also slanted to push respondents towards pro-abortion answers.  

The whole truth is that researchers who use slanted table tactics to produce results that favor their own positions are not acting in good faith or using public resources wisely. Be wary of any “news story” you see that cites this error-filled report that claims to be a survey of Kansans’ true opinions on the abortion industry and the amendment.

Freedom Depends on Access to Information

(Aug. 21, 2021) A recent column appeared in several Kansas newspapers that attempted to paint supporters of the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment into a corner. The author, Wichita politics teacher Russell Arben Fox, claims we have a dilemma to resolve:

“If the pandemic taught you to strongly affirm that the government should respect the free choices of the people when it comes to getting vaccinated or wearing a mask,” said Arben Fox, “then why would you also affirm that the government should restrict free choices when it comes to abortion?”

Before we begin to address his question, we must first correct the misinformation contained in his argument. We must be clear. The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment is not a ban on abortion. It is not a new restriction. What is it then? The amendment is carefully drafted legal language that reclaims the right of the people of Kansas to keep and make reasonable laws and regulations regarding abortion in our state through our elected officials. It protects our existing, bipartisan-passed regulations on the abortion industry. With this amendment, Kansans outlaw nothing. Instead, we vote “yes” to assert our right to have a voice on the subject of abortion through our legislature and, therefore, choose to defend our own freedom.

Freedom can only continue to exist when knowledge is its companion. The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment defends a woman’s right to receive medically accurate information and offer real informed consent by upholding the “Woman’s Right to Know Act” that has protected women in Kansas since 1997.

The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment ensures that existing clinic inspection laws, which are basic health and safety standards, will not be struck down. It also assures parents that their minor daughters cannot be pressured to obtain an abortion without their knowledge. The amendment maintains the freedom of choice for citizens’ to not be forced to have their tax dollars fund procedures with which they do not agree.

No one denies the decision that lies ahead for women who seek abortion. But without the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, women will be left in the dark and starkly vulnerable to the abortion industry that seeks to profit off the tragic ending of life.

We Must Protect Election Integrity

(April 17, 2021) In a recent article from the Associated Press (AP), the head of a Wichita abortion clinic is making noise about KFL trying to limit “ballot harvesting.” The industry CEO accuses us and other groups of a “clear attempt at voter suppression,” for our support of election integrity House Bill 2183.

The AP, which notes that Kansans for Life backed the bill as the “most influential” pro-life organization in Kansas, frames the legislation as a foundation to punish Good Samaritans who assist the aging, people with disabilities and low-income people to vote.

The Whole Truth is that HB 2183 includes protections for people who are easier to target for vote tampering and coercion, while still allowing helpers to assist at a person-to-person level, the way it should be. For example, each person can help up to 10 other voters complete the early voting process with valid signatures and a sworn statement that no “undue influence on the voting decision of the voter” was employed.

No coercion. No mass collection. No tampering. This matters a great deal to pro-lifers as we look ahead to the upcoming vote on the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, August 2, 2022. From the same AP article, we know the abortion industry has already, “offered to deliver ballots for voters,” according to Julie Burkhart, CEO of the Trust Women abortion clinics.

“We are concerned that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry could bring in out of state people and harvest hundreds if not thousands of ballots,” said Kansans for Life Director of Government Relations Jeanne Gawdun.

This is a real threat to pro-life Kansans who want to protect the current regulations on the abortion industry that have saved 15 lives a day. What’s the evidence? Look no further than out-of-state interests and private groups pouring money and manpower into targeted 2020 elections. For example, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg funneled $350 million to “nonprofits for election assistance” to help shift districts to favor his preferred candidates and causes. The size and scope of the cash dump earned his kind of veiled activism the nickname, “Zuckerbucks.”

We say, “keep ‘Zuckerbuc’ away from KS!”

Correcting the Record about the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment

(February 26, 2021) On February 8 Kansas Senate Minority Leader Dinah Sykes (D-21) wrote a column for the Shawnee Mission Post. In it she proudly stated her opposition to allowing Kansans the opportunity to vote on the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment.

“I joined 10 of my colleagues in the Kansas Senate in voting against one of the most extreme, unnecessary proposals this state has ever seen,” said Sen. Sykes. She goes on to essentially say that VALUE THEM BOTH is fundamentally anti-women.

But is it extreme? Anti-women? And is it unnecessary? The answer is a resounding, “No,” to all these claims. 

Kansas needs the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment. Two-thirds of Sykes’ senate and house colleagues agreed with KFL by voting for its passage. Furthermore, if Senator Sykes looked more closely at who supported the measure, she would notice that the majority of women in the Kansas Senate voted in the affirmative. As the old adage goes, “there is nothing more stubborn than a fact.”

Ultimately, the Amendment is necessary because a recent court ruling in Kansas removed the legal foundation for all existing laws that placed commonsense regulations on the abortion  industry. Parental consent. Waiting periods. Bans on live dismemberment and late term abortions. All these and more are now in danger unless Kansans vote “yes” for the Amendment in August 2022.

The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment will protect current laws – not change them. We say, let the people vote!

Abortion Industry Ally Uses Families’ Pain to Push Agenda

(February 19, 2021) The next battle begins.

In a preview of coming attacks pro-life defenders will face, the abortion industry is activating  its allies to begin new, false campaigns against the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, which Kansans will vote on August 2, 2022.

The current messenger for proponents of extreme abortion is Dr. Mae Winchester, a Kansas City, Kansas,
pro-abortion obstetrician/gynecologist and Fellow with New York-based Physicians for Reproductive Health, which lists a well-known, late-term Kansas abortionist among its former board members.

Winchester notably misled legislators in 2019 when she testified against providing women information about abortion pills. At the time she claimed to have been representing a national medical association. The organization confirmed to the Sunflower State Journal that she misrepresented their position.

The February 19 Kansas City Star features a “Guest Commentary” penned by Winchester. In it  she claims that the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment would cause pain to families who receive difficult news about pregnancy complications such as pre-natal diagnosis of rare genetic disorders.

“(M)y patients should not have to share their deeply private lives and decisions with others so that their own health care can be protected,” said Winchester. “They should be allowed uninterrupted time to consider their options, the privacy to grieve, and the ability to choose the path that is right for their family.”

News of a pre-born baby’s medical challenges can be agonizing for families. They deserve more than privacy. They need to be offered support, love, respect, full information and opportunities to connect with families who have experienced similar difficult paths. For example, organizations like Simon’s Law and SOFT support parents through every step of their journey. 

“It’s heartbreaking that anyone would use the difficult situations our families have faced to justify unlimited abortion,” said Sheryl Crosier, Founder of Simon’s Law. Crosier’s son Simon  had Trisomy 18 before his passing and her organization advocates for families whose children have Trisomy 18, 13 and other disorders.

Winchester’s arguments, cloaked in emotional language, falsely claim that the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment leaves families in difficult situations behind. It does NOTIt does the opposite by defending commonsense, bipartisan supported pro-life laws legislators passed over a span of 20 years. For example, the “Women’s Right to Know Act” gives women factual information about abortion, potential health risks and fetal development. Without VALUE THEM BOTH, women would be hindered from making an informed decision.

The abortion industry’s scare tactics won’t work if Kansans understand the truth about the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment. Help us spread the facts.