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Aug. 21 – Freedom Depends on Access to Information

A recent column appeared in several Kansas newspapers that attempted to paint supporters of the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment into a corner. The author, Wichita politics teacher Russell Arben Fox, claims we have a dilemma to resolve:

“If the pandemic taught you to strongly affirm that the government should respect the free choices of the people when it comes to getting vaccinated or wearing a mask,” said Arben Fox, “then why would you also affirm that the government should restrict free choices when it comes to abortion?”

Before we begin to address his question, we must first correct the misinformation contained in his argument. We must be clear. The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment is not a ban on abortion. It is not a new restriction. What is it then? The amendment is carefully drafted legal language that reclaims the right of the people of Kansas to keep and make reasonable laws and regulations regarding abortion in our state through our elected officials. It protects our existing, bipartisan-passed regulations on the abortion industry. With this amendment, Kansans outlaw nothing. Instead, we vote “yes” to assert our right to have a voice on the subject of abortion through our legislature and, therefore, choose to defend our own freedom.

Freedom can only continue to exist when knowledge is its companion. The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment defends a woman’s right to receive medically accurate information and offer real informed consent by upholding the “Woman’s Right to Know Act” that has protected women in Kansas since 1997.

The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment ensures that existing clinic inspection laws, which are basic health and safety standards, will not be struck down. It also assures parents that their minor daughters cannot be pressured to obtain an abortion without their knowledge. The amendment maintains the freedom of choice for citizens’ to not be forced to have their tax dollars fund procedures with which they do not agree.

No one denies the decision that lies ahead for women who seek abortion. But without the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, women will be left in the dark and starkly vulnerable to the abortion industry that seeks to profit off the tragic ending of life.

April 17 – We Must Protect Election Integrity

In a recent article from the Associated Press (AP), the head of a Wichita abortion clinic is making noise about KFL trying to limit “ballot harvesting.” The industry CEO accuses us and other groups of a “clear attempt at voter suppression,” for our support of election integrity House Bill 2183.

The AP, which notes that Kansans for Life backed the bill as the “most influential” pro-life organization in Kansas, frames the legislation as a foundation to punish Good Samaritans who assist the aging, people with disabilities and low-income people to vote.

The Whole Truth is that HB 2183 includes protections for people who are easier to target for vote tampering and coercion, while still allowing helpers to assist at a person-to-person level, the way it should be. For example, each person can help up to 10 other voters complete the early voting process with valid signatures and a sworn statement that no “undue influence on the voting decision of the voter” was employed.

No coercion. No mass collection. No tampering. This matters a great deal to pro-lifers as we look ahead to the upcoming vote on the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, August 2, 2022. From the same AP article, we know the abortion industry has already, “offered to deliver ballots for voters,” according to Julie Burkhart, CEO of the Trust Women abortion clinics.

“We are concerned that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry could bring in out of state people and harvest hundreds if not thousands of ballots,” said Kansans for Life Director of Government Relations Jeanne Gawdun.

This is a real threat to pro-life Kansans who want to protect the current regulations on the abortion industry that have saved 15 lives a day. What’s the evidence? Look no further than out-of-state interests and private groups pouring money and manpower into targeted 2020 elections. For example, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg funneled $350 million to “nonprofits for election assistance” to help shift districts to favor his preferred candidates and causes. The size and scope of the cash dump earned his kind of veiled activism the nickname, “Zuckerbucks.”

We say, “keep ‘Zuckerbuc’ away from KS!”

Februrary 26 – Correcting the Record about the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment

On February 8 Kansas Senate Minority Leader Dinah Sykes (D-21) wrote a column for the Shawnee Mission Post. In it she proudly stated her opposition to allowing Kansans the opportunity to vote on the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment.

“I joined 10 of my colleagues in the Kansas Senate in voting against one of the most extreme, unnecessary proposals this state has ever seen,” said Sen. Sykes. She goes on to essentially say that VALUE THEM BOTH is fundamentally anti-women.

But is it extreme? Anti-women? And is it unnecessary? The answer is a resounding, “No,” to all these claims. 

Kansas needs the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment. Two-thirds of Sykes’ senate and house colleagues agreed with KFL by voting for its passage. Furthermore, if Senator Sykes looked more closely at who supported the measure, she would notice that the majority of women in the Kansas Senate voted in the affirmative. As the old adage goes, “there is nothing more stubborn than a fact.”

Ultimately, the Amendment is necessary because a recent court ruling in Kansas removed the legal foundation for all existing laws that placed commonsense regulations on the abortion  industry. Parental consent. Waiting periods. Bans on live dismemberment and late term abortions. All these and more are now in danger unless Kansans vote “yes” for the Amendment in August 2022.

The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment will protect current laws – not change them. We say, let the people vote!

February 19, 2021 – Abortion Industry Ally Uses Families’ Pain to Push Agenda

The next battle begins.

In a preview of coming attacks pro-life defenders will face, the abortion industry is activating  its allies to begin new, false campaigns against the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, which Kansans will vote on August 2, 2022.

The current messenger for proponents of extreme abortion is Dr. Mae Winchester, a Kansas City, Kansas,
pro-abortion obstetrician/gynecologist and Fellow with New York-based Physicians for Reproductive Health, which lists a well-known, late-term Kansas abortionist among its former board members.

Winchester notably misled legislators in 2019 when she testified against providing women information about abortion pills. At the time she claimed to have been representing a national medical association. The organization confirmed to the Sunflower State Journal that she misrepresented their position.

The February 19 Kansas City Star features a “Guest Commentary” penned by Winchester. In it  she claims that the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment would cause pain to families who receive difficult news about pregnancy complications such as pre-natal diagnosis of rare genetic disorders.

“(M)y patients should not have to share their deeply private lives and decisions with others so that their own health care can be protected,” said Winchester. “They should be allowed uninterrupted time to consider their options, the privacy to grieve, and the ability to choose the path that is right for their family.”

News of a pre-born baby’s medical challenges can be agonizing for families. They deserve more than privacy. They need to be offered support, love, respect, full information and opportunities to connect with families who have experienced similar difficult paths. For example, organizations like Simon’s Law and SOFT support parents through every step of their journey. 

“It’s heartbreaking that anyone would use the difficult situations our families have faced to justify unlimited abortion,” said Sheryl Crosier, Founder of Simon’s Law. Crosier’s son Simon  had Trisomy 18 before his passing and her organization advocates for families whose children have Trisomy 18, 13 and other disorders.

Winchester’s arguments, cloaked in emotional language, falsely claim that the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment leaves families in difficult situations behind. It does NOTIt does the opposite by defending commonsense, bipartisan supported pro-life laws legislators passed over a span of 20 years. For example, the “Women’s Right to Know Act” gives women factual information about abortion, potential health risks and fetal development. Without VALUE THEM BOTH, women would be hindered from making an informed decision.

The abortion industry’s scare tactics won’t work if Kansans understand the truth about the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment. Help us spread the facts.