We’re Educating Kansans to Say Yes to Life

Kansans for Life is a nonprofit advocacy and educational organization dedicated to protecting and defending the right to life of all humans from the moment of conception to natural death. We strive to protect the preborn and their mothers, the medically fragile and the elderly.

We offer, free to the public, educational material and information, pro-life guest speakers, media representation and a learning center.

We sponsor educational workshops and events around the issue of the sanctity of human life. Our legislative division offsets pro-abortion lobbyists and presents a professional pro-life voice in the Kansas Legislature, and our political action committee endorses pro-life candidates during elections.

Please join us as we stand up and support life in our communities! As a member you will receive a quarterly newsletter designed to educate you and provide current news and information about events and candidates. You can also choose the option of receiving additional pro-life alerts and news items by email.