Baby Bottle Project

Annual Baby Bottle Project

As pro-life Kansans, we can help others see the awe-inspiring truth about the gift of every precious human life – especially by working together. Your church or community organization can make a huge difference in the lives of pre-born babies, their mothers, and fathers by joining the Baby Bottle Project. It’s an easy way to involve everyone, youngest to oldest, and can build life-long commitment to the pro-life cause among your members.

This is a great project for churches, pro-life committees, homeschool groups, extra-curricular clubs for students, men’s or women’s groups, Bible studies, golden years clubs, and high school service organizations. All that is needed is a volunteer to coordinate for the group. We will supply the rest.

How it works:

Baby Bottle project runs from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day. Each participating household receives a baby bottle on or before Mother’s Day, along with suggested prayers for life. Participants pray at home and place spare change, bills or checks inside the baby bottle. On or after Father’s Day, they return baby bottles to the church or group. Proceeds support pro-life educational efforts of Kansans for Life and selected pregnancy resource centers in our state.

To launch the project in your church or group, please complete the form below or email to let us know you would like to request baby bottles for your members or will reuse ones from a previous year. We will connect with you.

Get members and families in your church or organization talking about pro-life values as they come together to create change for good!