Restoring the Voice of the People

In 1969, local pro-life groups began forming in Kansas.

When pro-life citizens talked to their representatives in Topeka in the early ’80s, they were told, “Abortion isn’t an issue here…go home.”

In 1981, Kansas was named by the National Abortion Rights Action League as one of the 13 most pro-abortion states in the U.S.

The Rally for Life began in the mid ’80s and is now held every year on January 22. (Nearly 2,000 people attend in spite of it being on a weekday and usually in miserable weather.)

In 1983, Kansans for Life was formed with the goal of chipping away at the “right” to abortion by passing laws which would reduce the number of abortions, while working toward legal protection for all innocent human life.

Since our inception we’ve worked diligently to organize a powerful force for life in our state. We have successfully passed 28 laws.

We’re a grassroots organization with a network of community leaders across the state of Kansas.

We’re an authoritative voice on the media landscape, important referral source and regular sponsor of educational forums and events on the sanctity of human life. We offer, free to the public, educational resources, lending libraries and speakers.

Our legislative division offsets pro-abortion lobbyists and presents a professional, pro-life voice in the Kansas Legislature. Our Political Action Committee endorses pro-life candidates during elections.

Kansas history will be shaped now by our efforts to pass a constitutional amendment. It will be a hard fight. Losing will cost thousands of innocent lives.

Working with our constituencies and the people of Kansas, our strategy is simple:

  • Educate the people of Kansas about threats against human life
  • Inform and equip pro-life citizens to advocate for the protection of innocent human life
  • Advocate for the passage of pro-life laws through lobbying and grassroots involvement
  • Work to elect strong pro-life leaders through our connected Political Action Committee

It’s possible! The Kansas Constitution has been amended 97 times. But we must all clearly understand what it will take:

  • A coalition of pro-life and pro-family groups and churches
  • All of us talking to the people in our circles of influence
  • Fundraising to support a statewide advertising campaign
Your voice and place in the history of the pro-life movement in Kansas have never been more important.