KFL Responds to Ruling Striking Down Live Dismemberment Abortions Ban 

Topeka, Kansas — Today a Shawnee County Judge issued an opinion siding with Kansas City-Area abortionists and striking down a law prohibiting the brutal practice of live dismemberment abortion. The 2015 law received overwhelming bi-partisan support in the legislature and is broadly popular with the public.

“The abortion industry wants unlimited and unregulated abortion in our state — even live dismemberment of preborn children,” stated Jeanne Gawdun, KFL’s Director of Government Relations. “This is exactly why Kansas voters must approve the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment on August 2nd of 2022. Women and babies in our state deserve better.”

Judge Teresa Watson used the Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt opinion issued by the Kansas Supreme Court in 2019 as the basis for her decision. The latter opinion created a nearly unlimited right to abortion in the Kansas Constitution, opening the door to all limits on the abortion industry being struck down.

The VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment was approved by the Kansas Legislature in January of 2021 and will be considered by Kansas voters in August of 2022. The Amendment is designed to keep existing pro-life laws in place and ensure Kansas does not return to the days of being a destination for the most extreme abortion practices.

For more information on the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, please go to www.kfl.org or  www.ValueThemBoth.com.