KFL Expands Team to Face the Abortion Industry Head On

Kansans for Life (KFL), the state’s largest pro-life organization, continues to expand its capacity to meet current and upcoming needs as it strengthens its educational and advocacy efforts. The pro-life movement is also gearing up for a statewide campaign in support of the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment, which will appear as a statewide ballot measure in August 2022. The Amendment was passed by the legislature last month in order to protect women and babies from the abortion industry, which could soon be unlimited due to court rulings.

New to the team, Danielle Underwood will serve as KFL’s Director of Communications, bringing more than a decade of multi-channel communications experience and insights to the pro-life cause. Underwood previously served as Communications Director for a disability-rights focused institute within a local public university, handling media relations, social media and outbound communications. View Bio.

Naomi Franklin joins KFL as Operations and Development Specialist, where she will support efforts to connect with allies and supporters of the cause. Franklin previously worked in arts administration and development for major non-profits, including a large Kansas City-area museum. View Bio.

Underwood and Franklin realize the importance of continuing the organization’s upcoming work on the VTB Amendment.

“The stakes could not be higher for mothers and babies in Kansas,” said Underwood. “KFL will ensure the public has access to complete, factual explanations of the amendment’s necessity and scope. We will vigorously fight to correct any misinformation and half-truths put forward by the abortion industry.”

The staff additions follow other recent strategic moves KFL has implemented since January 1, 2021, when the merger of three separate regional offices became final. Following the merger, KFL has realigned its staff to combine the talents of existing and new team members, including the appointment of new Executive Director, Peter Northcott. View Bio.

Kansans for Life is a nonprofit advocacy and educational organization dedicated to protecting and defending the right to life of all innocent humans from the moment of conception to natural death. We strive to protect the preborn and their mothers, the medically fragile and the elderly.