KFL Announces Oppostion to Pro-Abortion and Activist Applicants for the Kansas Supreme Court

For immediate release: October 15, 2019
Contact: Jeanne Gawdun, KFL Director of Government Affairs (785) 383-8636 

The Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission is meeting this week to interview applicants for a seat on the Kansas Supreme Court.  In the wake of the Kansas Supreme Court’s recent decision finding a right to abortion in the Kansas Constitution, it is clear that ideology matters when selecting a Justice to the Kansas Supreme Court.  For this reason, Kansans for Life opposes Judges Melissa Standridge and Evelyn Wilson in their consideration for a seat on the Court.“Both of these applicants are extreme and out-of-step with Kansas values.  By putting either of these candidates on a panel for submission to the Governor, the Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission would confirm its incredibly political and biased nature, which they attempt to hide by cloaking themselves with terms like ‘merit-selection’ and ‘non-partisan,’” stated Jeanne Gawdun.

Melissa Standridge sided with other judicial activists on the Court of Appeals to find a right to abortion in the Kansas Constitution.  In doing so, she supports taking away the right of the people to enact reasonable abortion regulations into law, including partial-birth, live dismemberment and sex-selection abortion bans, and parental involvement for minors, thus imposing on the state of Kansas a New York-style rationale for an unfettered right to abortion.

Evelyn Wilson’s family has a long history of funding liberal political causes and has contributed heavily to Governor Kelly and other pro-abortion politicians.  The political nature of these contributions is unbecoming of a Judge and reflects poorly on Evelyn Wilson’s discretion.  Though these contributions were not in her name, some did reference her profession, and clearly unmask her ideological bent in supporting pro-abortion officials.

“Kansans deserve an unbiased and objective Supreme Court which will fairly interpret the law as it is written without imposing political views.  Unfortunately, both Melissa Standridge and Evelyn Wilson have a track record supporting pro-abortion policies and politicians.  Their selection by the Nominating Commission would be biased towards extreme abortion causes,” concluded Jeanne Gawdun. “We urge the Nominating Commission to reject their candidacies.”