2022 Kansas Abortion Statistics Show Largest Ever Increase

Kansas is an extreme abortion destination 

Today the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) released its preliminary report on abortions in Kansas in 2022. Sadly, for the fourth year in a row, abortions have increased in the state after having fallen nearly 50% in the years prior to the 2019 Kansas Supreme Court’s 2019 Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt ruling.

According to KDHE’s report, Abortions in Kansas, 2022, last year’s statistics showed the largest increase on record since the inception of the report. There were 12,318 total abortions in 2022, including 616 live dismemberment abortions, 8,475 abortions on non-Kansas residents, and 7,339 chemical abortions.

The latest state abortion statistics show the following shocking impacts:

  • 57% increase in the overall annual number of abortions– the largest year-over-year increase since statistics have been recorded
  • 29% increase in painful, live dismemberment abortions
  • 117% increase in abortions performed on out-of-state residents, with two abortions being performed on out-of-state residents for every one performed on a Kansas resident
  • 38% increase in the number of chemical pill abortions
  • 49% increase in the number of abortions performed on minor girls

“As we predicted, Kansas has seen a massive increase in the number vulnerable women being intentionally funneled to abortion facilities in Kansas,” said Danielle Underwood, KFL Director of Communications. “Behind each of these statistics is an industry eager to pad its bottom line, a woman who has been pushed to feel she has no other option, and a child who will never blow out her first birthday candle.”

In 2022, Kansas recorded increases in all of the following:  

Overall number of abortions — Immediately following the Hodes ruling, KFL predicted significant increases in abortion numbers. The ruling ushered in a new legal framework in which broadly supported, commonsense limits on the abortion industry became vulnerable to any legal challenge. Under this framework, two laws have already been struck down by our state courts and more are expected, paving the way for an unregulated abortion industry in Kansas.

Live dismemberment abortions — Painful dismemberment abortions are on the rise in Kansas, as evidenced by today’s statistics. While difficult to imagine, preborn babies are currently unprotected from this brutal abortion method in Kansas.

Women coming from out of state — The profit-driven abortion industry markets their abortion procedures to women across the country in Kansas tourist publications. KFL has continuously warned of Kansas becoming an abortion destination, and today’s numbers only prove that.

Use of dangerous abortion chemicals — For years, the number of chemical abortions in Kansas has been higher than the national average. Unlike surgical abortions, in a chemical abortion the burden is on women to complete their own abortions at home. These dangerous do-it-yourself abortions increase the abortion industry’s profits but not the health and safety of women.

In 2023, the Kansas legislature passed Abortion Pill Reversal informed consent requirements to ensure pregnant women will be informed of the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol and where to get timely medical help to save their babies if they do not want to complete the abortion. This law is currently on hold pending a recent abortion industry lawsuit to prevent its enforcement, denying women this potentially life-saving information.