Students for Life

Begin to Invest Now in LIFE

Are you a middle-school, high-school or college student? Whether you have an organized pro-life group at your school or just want to make a personal difference on your campus, KFL has resources to help you.

One individual can:
  • Set up a guest speaker presentation at a church or school
  • Organize a baby supply drive for a local pregnancy resource center
  • Invite friends to the Life Chain or another pro-life event
  • Place an ad for a local pro-life center in the student newspaper
  • Compete in KFL’s Oratory Contest (high school juniors and seniors)
A Teens for Life or Students for Life group can:
  • Coordinate a community-wide baby supply drive (beyond just your school)
  • Organize a Life Chain if your community does not already have one
  • Set up a display or information table on campus
  • Work with KFL to put on a day of pro-life workshops in your community
  • Organize a memorial service on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade

While we hope you will connect with a national student organization, we also encourage you to engage with your state pro-life organization, Kansans for Life. Through KFL you can work alongside adult community groups and partner with them for community awareness projects. As you and your friends become part of the adult community beyond graduation, we hope you will continue your involvement with Kansans for Life.

What does KFL offer student groups?

  • Free lending library (books, DVDs, fetal models, banners, signs)
  • Free guest speakers
  • Ability to purchase small fetal models or other items at a quantity discount
  • Ideas for activities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Invitations to special events
  • Training on how to speak out for life
  • Pro-Life Institute (week-long summer camp for grades 8-11)
  • Paid summer internships (just graduated high school, or in college)

Give us a call at 800.928.5433 to talk about what KFL can do for you! Ask us for more ideas!