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Help pass the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment! You can make a difference!


Talk with people about protecting existing common-sense restrictions on the abortion industry. Explain that the amendment safeguards parental notification for minor girls seeking abortion, clinic inspection, safety & sanitation standards, and keeps state tax dollars from funding abortions until birth.

Stay Informed

Sign up to receive our email alerts. Email your friends and family members and give them the link so they can sign up too.

Attend pro-life educational events and volunteer for VALUE THEM BOTH activities. Watch your inbox for opportunities.


Set up a VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment presentation for a community meeting, a group within your church or your entire church congregation. Email to request a speaker.

Join KFL’s network of community organizers. Let us know we can count on you to help organize pro-life efforts in your town or through the pro-life ministry in your church. Call us at 800.928.5433 or send an email.

Get Out the Vote

When you meet people who support the amendment, ask if they are registered to vote. Encourage them to register for the first time or update their information if they have moved. Register or verify status at

Host a voter registration drive at your church or organization. For more information, visit the Kansas Secretary of State website topic and email KFL for a packet with tips and ideas.

Follow up with friends and family right before Election Day and ask them to vote on August 2.

Raise Money for the Effort

Since this court ruling, Kansans have seen the largest increase in the number of abortions in over 25 years, with the majority performed on out-of-state residents.

VTB is supported by medical professionals because common sense regulations will help women be safer, healthier, and more protected. Everyday Kansans don’t want our state to become the abortion factory of the Midwest. We want limits and safety standards to protect women who live and visit here.

The majority of the media is behind the abortion industry, providing incomplete or inaccurate information. VALUE THEM BOTH needs financial support to match the abortion industry’s national backing.

Donate to the amendment passage efforts.