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Help pass the constitutional amendment! You can make a difference!


Talk with people about the brutality of abortion. Explain what dismemberment abortion is, understanding the vast majority of people do not know. Then tell them our state legislature banned this procedure but the courts have kept the ban from going into effect.

Stay Informed

Sign up to receive our email alerts. Email your friends and family members and give them the link so they can sign up too.

Attend pro-life educational events. Stay informed to gain the knowledge you need to explain the truth to others.


Collect signatures on a petition asking for a constitutional amendment. Our goal is to collect hundreds of signatures from every city and town in Kansas! Ask your friends, family members and neighbors to sign it. Then mail the petition to the KFL state office.

Set up a speaking engagement for KFL for a community meeting, a group within your church or your entire church congregation. Call 316.687.5433 to make the arrangements.

Encourage your state representative and state senator to support pro-life laws. Subscribe to KFL’s email updates to learn when pro-life bills are coming up for a vote in the Kansas Legislature. We make it easy for you to send them a message.

Join KFL’s network of community organizers. Call and let us know we can count on you to help organize pro-life efforts in your town or through the pro-life ministry in your church.

Get Out the Vote

When you meet people who support the amendment, ask if they are registered to vote. If they are not, encourage them to register at Remind people to update their voter registration if they have moved.

Host a voter registration drive at your church or at a Christian high-school event. Follow up right before Election Day and encourage these folks to vote.

Before you vote, find out which candidates are pro-life at can access the site with your smartphone any time.

Raise Money for the Effort

Donate to support the amendment! The majority of people in Kansas would side with us on the amendment, even if they believe abortion is acceptable in some situations. Our challenge is educating people and then encouraging them to vote. Pro-abortion extremists from outside our state will pour in large sums of money to ensure that abortion is legal until birth and taxpayers fund it. They will have the vast majority of the media behind them, providing incomplete or inaccurate information. We need financial contributions to enable us to spread the truth in a statewide effort like this. Write your check to Kansans for Life, Inc., and write “amendment” in the memo of your check, or go to Donate to give online.