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                Living Will Document

                  What is the WILL TO LIVE?

                  The WILL TO LIVE is a legal document you can sign that:

                  • Is a legally binding, pro-life alternative to traditional Living Wills
                  • Names someone to make healthcare decisions for you (your “heath care agent’) if you develop a condition that makes it impossible for you to speak for yourself (you become “incompetent”), and
                  • Makes clear (in the form of written instructions to your healthcare agent) what medical treatment you wish to request if you can no longer speak for yourself
                  How Does the WILL TO LIVE protect your life and the lives of your family members?

                  When you are unable to speak for yourself the WILL TO LIVE:

                  • Names someone you trust to safeguard your life when you cannot speak for yourself as your “health care agent”
                  • Names backup agents if your first choice can’t serve
                  • Describes the treatment you do and do not want to guide your healthcare agent and physicians
                  • Protects your family and healthcare agent from pressure from healthcare providers and others by allowing them to prove your wishes
                  • Relieves the agony of decisionmaking for your family and healthcare agent by making your wishes clear