Danielle Underwood

Danielle Underwood

Director of Communications


Danielle Underwood is a Kansas City-area native, graduate of Kansas State University, wife and mother of three children, including a child with developmental disabilities. She previously served as director of Communications for the University of Missouri-Kansas City Institute for Human Development where she spent 10 years working in communications and media relations to advance public understanding of the human and civil rights of people with disabilities.

As part of her education, Danielle studied at the Focus on the Family Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she interned in the public policy department. She married and moved to the state of Indiana, where she began her career working in the school choice movement. Danielle helped found the Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation, where she intersected with a wide range of stakeholders from urban pastors and grassroots leaders to future state and national political leaders.

Danielle believes threats to the most fundamental of all human rights, the right to life, are dramatically escalating in our nation, and that we all must play a part in defending the preborn and all who need us to raise our voices on their behalf.