KFL Celebrates Legislature’s Veto Overrides of Four Pro-Life Bills

Throughout legislative session, we heard testimony from women who experienced pressure to have abortions, about social conditions that lead women to feel they have no other choice than abortion, and from pregnancy centers that walk with women through any situation. These four veto overrides seek to meet Kansans where they are and save as many lives as possible. 

“We saw democracy in action with four bipartisan votes to override Governor ‘Coercion’ Kelly’s vetoes of the following commonsense, life-affirming policies: 

  1. Combatting coerced abortions/human trafficking 
  2. Tax credits for donations to pregnancy help centers and increasing the adoption tax credit 
  3. Strengthening anonymous abortion data reporting so Kansans can address the social concerns that can lead to abortion 
  4. Reauthorizing $2 million in grant funding for pregnancy centers 

Each of these proposals will help address a truth that the vast majority of Kansans believe: that too many women feel abortion is their only choice,” said Jeanne Gawdun, KFL Director of Government Relations. 

“Now is the time to utilize these new tools and get to work helping women and saving as many babies from the profit-driven abortion industry as possible.”