Gov. Kelly Vetoes Alternatives to Abortion Funding, Denies Resources for Women Facing Unexpected Pregnancies

Earlier today, Governor Kelly line-item vetoed the proposed “Alternatives to Abortion Program,” allocating $2M in grants to enhance and increase resources for women who make the choice to parent or place their child for adoption.  

KFL Director of Communications, Danielle Underwood, released the following statement:  

Once again Laura Kelly shows her abortion extremism: first she vetoes protections for babies after they have taken their first breath, then she blocks information empowering women to make informed choices about chemical abortions, and now she vetoes help for women facing unexpected pregnancies. The only “choice” Kelly supports is abortion.” 

Kansans for Life urges legislators to stand with Kansas women and families by overriding Gov. Kelly’s extreme, out-of-touch, veto.