Church Resources

In the Beginning

Your church can follow the nine-month journey of a pre-born child, with reminders that the unborn Christ Child grew and developed in the womb just like all human beings. Follow the baby’s development week by week in your church bulletin! Click below for the weekly bulletin series, designed to run from mid-March until Christmas.

We also offer a resource if you’re interested in preaching on abortion.

And we offer an older, but still helpful resource for how to defend and elevate life in your church with proven church programming.

What Churches Can Do to Support a State Constitutional Amendment

Churches may speak for or against legislation (proposed laws), existing laws, ballot questions, or constitutional amendments. Issue advocacy is different from a church taking a position in support of or in opposition to a candidate for public office (which is not allowed under IRS regulations for churches). Download the following resources to share with your pastor.

Here is a sample announcement explaining our petition, for churches which will have petitions available to sign after services.

Here is a summary of what churches are allowed to do in the area of issue advocacy. You don’t have to just take KFL’s word for it … we are including other sources which confirm our summary.