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How many abortions were performed in Kansas in 2015?

The total abortions reported were 6,974. Of these, 3579 were performed on Kansas residents, with 3,395 on women from out-of-state, predominantly women from Missouri.

How far along in pregnancy did the abortions occur?

Less than 9 weeks: 4,366 abortions (62.6%).

9-12 weeks: 1,783 abortions (25.6%).

13-16 weeks: 522 abortions (7.5%).

17-21 weeks: 300 abortions (4.3%).

22 weeks and over: 3 abortions (0.0%).

What abortion procedures are used in Kansas?

Medical Procedure (abortion by pill): 3,092 (44.3%)

Suction Curettage: 3,233 (46.4%)

Sharp Curettage: 1 (0.0%)

Dilation & Evacuation: 629 (9.0)

How old are the pregnant mothers who obtain abortions?

What trends are happening with abortion?

Abortion by pill has become much more common in recent years; nearly half of abortions are now done by pill. The overall abortion rate is going down. Unfortunately, repeat abortions have become common, with 35% of abortions being obtained by women who have had at least one previous abortion. The abortion rate remains high among minority populations, especially African-Americans.

Where can I get more details on abortion in Kansas?

Abortion statistics can be found at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, www.kdheks.gov Enter “abortion statistics” in the search bar, or choose “Abortion Statistics” from the A to Z Topic Listing. The “Preliminary Abortion Report” is published in the spring of each year, with the statistics for the previous calendar year. Later on, these statistics are included as part of the Annual Summary of Vital Statistics.

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Under 14 years: 2 (0.0%)

Age 14 years: 11 (0.2%)

Age 15 years: 42 (0.6%)

Age 16-17 years: 138 (2.0%)

Age 18-19 years: 483 (6.9%)

Age 20-24 years: 2,201 (31.6%)

Age 25-29 years: 1,842 (26.4%)

Age 30-34 years: 1,283 (18.4%)

Age 35-39 years: 743 (10.7%)

Age 40-44 years: 214 (3.1%)

Age 45 and older: 15 (0.2%)

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