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Dear Pastor,

We are fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God.  We have two great Pro-Life projects that we believe will bless your church members. In an effort to create awareness of the sanctity of human life, we invite your church to be a part of these educational efforts.

We will be contacting you soon to discuss these and to assist you in your efforts to defend life and strengthen the family.

1. The Baby Bottle Campaign  This campaign connects Mother’s Day to Father’s Day. The family (mother, father and children) seems to be under attack in our society.  This project tries to strengthen the family and encourages everyone to pray for families.

Here’s how it works. Each family (and individuals) is given a baby bottle after services on Mother’s Day. They pray the suggested prayers every day at meals and place change, checks or both as donations in the baby bottle. (We will supply the baby bottles.)

On Father’s Day they return the baby bottle to the church. This effort ties in the two holidays together. (Click Here for Flyer)

All the proceeds will go to the educational efforts of KFL Educational Trust Foundation, which is tax-deductible.  In addition to educational efforts, the Foundation also assists crisis centers that are struggling.

Please fill out the information on the back of the Baby Bottle flyer and use the return envelope.  We will contact you.

2. Pro-Life Poster  “Truly you formed my inmost being…” A beautiful poster of a child sucking its thumb with a quote from Psalm 139.  It is laminated and will last for years, reminding us of the Miracle of LIFE.

The cost for a laminated poster, including postage, is $10 each.

You can call us at 1-800-928-5433 to order this poster or you can place your order when we call you.

May God bless you abundantly for your efforts to defend His precious children.

David Gittrich
State Development Director

Baby Bottle Project

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