Dr. Kristin Neuhaus Disciplinary Record

Kansas State Board of Healing Arts in the Matter of ANN K. NEUHAUS, M.D. (Lic. 04-21596)

June 29, 1993- First record of Neuhaus practicing in Topeka (License application renewal for 1993-1994).

Jan. 18, 1994- Neuhaus, medical director of abortion clinic in KCK, locks herself and 5 employees in clinic, because of a dispute with employee Malcolm Knarr. (See Topeka Capital Journal article, 1-19-94)

June 30, 1996- last Kansas license application renewal for Neuhaus with clean disciplinary record.

Oct. 18, 1999- KBHA STIPULATION, AGREEMENT & ENFORCEMENT ORDER Neuhaus breaks DEA regulations for controlled substances including failure to keep complete and accurate records. Board restricts her to use of only 1 drug (Valium) and requires administration log with duplicate prescription copies reviewed monthly by outside pharmacist.   They also order random drug testing of her entire staff & security guards and that Neuhaus not hire anyone with a substance abuse history.

Aug. 12, 2000- KBHA MEETING, Administrative proceeding V, closed session to discuss refusal to grant Neuhaus’ request for permission to use additional drug.  Issue emergency order classifying Neuhaus as imminent danger to public (pg2). 

Aug. 14, 2000- FINAL ORDER: Board reacts to Neuhaus’ testimony that she relies heavily on staff to manage complications; that she is not certified in cardiac life support; that she neglects to insert IV lines during sedation.

Aug. 29, 2000- KBHA EMERGENCY ORDER-states that Neuhaus is a danger to the public (pg 5), an immediate threat, not limited to the likelihood of patient injury; she is not following the standards of care for non-anesthesiologists when giving sedation.  Specifically, she omits the following: a proper patient history (including adverse drug reactions), focused exam, monitoring of vital signs, patient dismissal evaluation & an accurate medication record.

Sept. 7,  2000- KBHA RESPONSE from counsel issued to Neuhaus request to terminate limitations.  Request is without comprehensive account of how she exactly plans to address deviations of standards of care. There is no evidence that Neuhaus’ staff is competent in resuscitation.  Board requests a hearing and monitoring of Neuhaus concerning deviations of care.

Sept. 11, 2000- KBHA TERMINATION OF EMERGENCY ORDER: Neuhaus promises to complete a course in Advanced Cardiac Life Support training and staff will complete basic Life Support course; Board will monitor compliance.   Allowed back in full practice.


Patients A.B. & S.D. were not evaluated, examined, monitored, recorded & discharged properly; informed consent gestational information not conveyed to them 24 hrs. prior to procedure.   

Patients C.L. & H.S. allege all the same as A.B. & S.D. plus failure to obtain written documents.

Patient A.G. gave limited consent to abortion without sedation.  When she withdrew consent and tried to leave, Neuhaus & staff sedated her and aborted her.  A.G.’s informed consent was violated and all the proper protocols omitted from the above patients were also omitted from her. 

Neuhaus kept unmarked pre-drawn syringes in her practice, contrary to standards of care.

Feb. 2, 2001- AMENDED PETITION restates Dec.4 petition with minor correction

March 15, 2001- MOTION TO CONTINUE April 11-13 hearing, based on an undocumented, non-specific “threat” coupled with the assertion that Neuhaus had experienced hostilities in a prior Holy Week.  That such assertion is patently false as can be demonstrated from KBHA records along with police & media reports. (See attached letter from KFL to KBHA.)

April 4, 2001- MOTION GRANTED, continued until June 20-21, 2001

April 28, 2001- Settlement offer to avoid trial presented (per Mark Stafford, Disciplinary Counsel.)

May 10, 2001- Neuhaus announces closing Wichita office

June 15, 2001- AGREED INITIAL ORDER maintains the facts and conclusions of 8/29/00 and 9/11/00 that Neuhaus deviated from the standard of care regarding informed consent, sedation and monitoring of patients. The limitations described on 10/18/99 remain in force, such that Neuhaus must:  

1) dedicate one staffer to monitoring sedation and addressing emergencies;

2) improve record-keeping;

3) have a printed, dated sonogram as part of every medical record;  

4) improve the informed consent form, and have it signed, dated, timed and witnessed during appointment for procedures;     

5) meet with patients outside of procedure room, reviewing informed consent prior to patient’s physical preparation for procedure.

Aug. 24, 2001- FINAL ORDER. Board adopts June 15, 2001 order as final

Sept. 10, 2002- one year later, Neuhaus announces closing Lawrence office 

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